About Goldens

We specialize in English Golden Retrievers. They are considered Golden Retrievers and are AKC registered. There is slight difference in the English (European) Golden Retriever and the American Golden Retriever. American Golden Retriever descended from English lines via Canada. The AGR developed differently due to being bred for AKC standards rather than the UK standards.

English Golden Retrievers are typically lighter in color, have a broader head, longer neck, round eyes and a stockier build. They also have less trouble with Allergies and Cancers. Their life expectancy is 12 years. English Golden Retrievers are known for being more mature, calmer and easier to train than their American counterparts. They make great family pets due to being intelligent, loyal and friendly. Though they will alert you to a stranger or "strange" object, due to their friendly nature, they aren't much of a "guard" dog.

Expected Litter 3/25/2023 - Dixie Pearl and Charles Edward

We are excited to announce Charlie and Dixie are expecting their third litter together. They are a great pair and produce wonderful puppies.